Discipline(d) breakdown

It’s Friday – my favorite day of the week because I get to spend it with my little guy. I usually take advantage of my day off by doing all of those little things around the house that just keep needing to be done … laundry, dishes, bathrooms,  kitchen … the list goes on forever.

But today I have been especially undisciplined. Lukas has been sleeping for a record-breaking two and a half hours now and I’ve spent the majority of that time reading blogs, watching TV, and listening to the never-ending rain. I even took a nap (gasp).

My diabetes care gets a little sloppy on days like this, too. This morning, I absent-mindedly munched away at a half a box of Dots while watching meaningless TV before I realized what I’d done. Afterwards, I quickly over-bolused, which resulted in a 219 an hour later and a 40 just a half hour ago.

I realize it’s not the end of the world that this happens every now and then, but I struggle to allow myself such luxuries. Because I fear that one day of indulgence will lead to a downward spiral of sloppy eating habits, poor testing routines, piles of dirty laundry, toothpaste-spattered bathrooms, and crusty kitchen countertops.

Hopefully tomorrow will be a more productive day. But in the meantime,  what do you do to stay motivated in the face of never-ending BG checks … or mounds of dirty laundry? I could use some advice.

I might go wash the dishes now. Or watch Ellen. We’ll just have to see how it goes.

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3 Comments on “Discipline(d) breakdown”

  1. Sweets Says:

    I could never have been prepared for the lack of time that comes with having a kid! All those moments and time that could previously be spent taking a quick break or other is now spent trying to get all the chores done. And then trying to do all those while he is sleeping so as not to miss out on any time with him – near impossible! So sorry, no advice… Can only wish you luck, and when you find out how to balance it all, let me know 😉

    I have those days sometimes where I would go for hours not checking. Having a meal without checking and just guessing the bolus. I feel quite free when I do this, but really guilty afterward…

  2. If it’s any consolation, you’ll get more time later. I just remember how exhausting those breaks were when our kids were young. Your whole being is focused on them, and then it’s like the weight of caring for them is replaced by the cares of catching up with everything else you’d normally do. Have you ever looked into a continuous glucose monitor? I was wearing one on our last adoption trip to China and it was much easier than the previous two, despite the fact that we had our two younger kids with us and I was a bit older.

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