The other kind of pumping

I met some other moms this weekend for a couple of hours of scrapbooking. Yes, I know, I don’t really seem like the scrapbooking type, do I? But motherhood has done weird things to me. I suddenly have this unquenchable urge to capture every waking moment of my child’s life on film. And then to arrange that film in a book … decorated with witty quotes cut from extravagant papers and elaborate stickers, jewels, and decals. I think I might have finally lost it.

But that’s not the point of this post. You see, while I was happily snipping and arranging and sticking, we were chatting about this and that. One of the moms is a nurse and we had been discussing how I had forgotten my meter and that I might need to run to the drugstore to pick up a cheap one for the day. Then she asked me, “So, are you still pumping?”

I replied, “Oh, yeah. I’ve been pumping since college.” And then I looked up from my pile of scraps and noticed the incredulous look on her face.

We stared at each other for a moment before she said with a nervous laugh, “Oh, no,I meant milk. Are you still pumping breast milk for Lukas?”

“Oh.” I could feel the heat rising in my cheeks. I stammered a bit before sputtering, “Uh … No. We are strictly formula-feeding now.”

She nodded and I scoured my brain for a witty comment to save this awkward moment. Nothing came to me, though, so we just smiled nervously and then returned to snipping and sticking.

Diabetes might have stolen my islet cells, and my gastric nerve-endings, and maybe even my youth. But it’s motherhood that stole my brain.

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2 Comments on “The other kind of pumping”

  1. Kerri. Says:

    I love this post so very, very much. 🙂

  2. Kaitake Says:

    Hehe that’s so cute! 🙂

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