On becoming a lurker (again)

It’s been nearly four months (!) since I last posted to this blog. And I’ve stopped commenting on the DOC blogs that I read. I’ve even stopped reading as frequently … my reader is woefully stuffed with blog posts that I have failed to read. I’ve given up on cleaning it up.

In fact, I’ve sat at the computer several times with my mouse arrow hovering over the “mark all as read” link. But then I couldn’t do it. What if I missed a valuable nugget? Like the fact that Saffy’s little “D” now loves to dance and is sprouting teeth at an amazing rate (http://www.t1mommy.com/2010/12/17-months.html).  Or that Annie is “rolling” into the home stretch of her pregnancy, feeling the ever-present feet of her little one under her ribs, wiping ultrasound goo from her maternity tops (been there!) and preparing for weekly ultrasounds. Or that Jacquie treats middle-of-the-night lows with gummy candies (color me guilty; there’s always a stash of these on my nightstand and I have, on occasion, found one roaming around in the bed the next morning). Or that a number of great-sounding conferences are just around the corner, including the Diabetes Sisters Weekend for Women Conference and the CWD Friends for Life Conference which will, for the first time, offer a dedicated track for adults with Type 1.

Where did the time go? I miss you guys! What’s a new mom to do?

One of my goals for the new year (I hate the word “resolution”, it makes me break out in a cold sweat) is to figure out what to do with this blog. Lee Ann was right when she pointed out that her friends who have children are “different” after entering parenthood. I am different now, too. But how? I don’t know that I can formulate the words to describe it yet, but there is a difference. My priorities have shifted. My interests are changing. Who am I and what am I becoming?

As I am struggling internally with this identity crisis, I am struggling externally through this blog. No longer the “pregnant type one”, I am not sure what my role in the community is. What do I have to contribute? How are my experiences or insights any different from those of the all of the other writers in the community who communicate our ups and downs so much more eloquently than I do?

Clearly this blog needs an overhaul. From the URL, to the title, to the topics, it needs to go in a different direction … or maybe several different directions. And so do I.

Any suggestions?

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3 Comments on “On becoming a lurker (again)”

  1. You could always just start trying to conceive again, and then your URL would be a perfect fit!

    I struggle a lot with what to say, too. I feel like it’s all already been said — what’s left? Then I remember that it’s not always about groundbreaking insights; it’s about just being around for each other.

    I’ve missed you! Look forward to reading about life with your little dude!

  2. Kerri. Says:

    I’m glad you’re back!! I’ve been wondering how you guys are doing (and hoping that you’d post some pictures now and again). I don’t know if you need a blog overhaul, but I am just pleased to see you come up in the Diabetes Daily feed again. 🙂

  3. Kaitake Says:

    Glad to see you’re back! Don’t think of a major overhaul, perhaps just do something little and often, like small posts following your life as a mom with T1? 🙂

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