Finally, an Update

First, let me thank the couple of readers I have who have hung on with me through my most recent hiatus. Things are getting kind of crazy in my little world now and blogging has definitely taken a back seat. Without further adieu, here is an update on what’s going on and how things are going.

I am officially 36 weeks pregnant today. Baby NoName is still passing his non stress tests with flying colors. I was scheduled for one yesterday, Memorial Day, and the Fetal Eval Department was closed, so I had to go to Labor and Delivery for the appointment. It was kind of nice to get a sort of dry run for finding L&D and where to park again. The maternity ward was pretty quiet. I’m hoping for the same environment on the big day.

Luckily, when we arrived at the reception desk, I recognized the L&D nurse from the Fetal Eval Department. She fills in there from time to time. Along with Baby NoName’s regular kicks and heart beats, she also recorded two contractions. She says this is normal at 36 weeks. They are just “practice” contractions. They were so weak that I didn’t even realize that they were contractions. They felt kind of like Baby NoName was stretching inside my uterus and just pushing his little walls to their limits. If I have more than six in an hour, I should call my high risk OB.

We officially have a plan for the birth now. Seeing as both baby and I are healthy, we have planned a tentative induction for 37 weeks. That’s next week! I think that if I had resisted and tried to wait this out until closer to 40 weeks, my doctor would have agreed, but the truth is I am tired and grumpy. The testing and prodding and doctor appointments are really starting to get to me. I’m not sure how much longer I can take this routine. Couple that with an increased risk of fetal death in the last month for type 1 diabetic moms, and I am more than ready to get this show on the road.

So the plan is that we have an amniocentesis scheduled for next Monday. The amnio is used to check the maturity of Baby NoName’s lungs. Apparently, the only real risk with an amnio is contractions. When you get an elective amnio in the earlier stages of pregnancy this is more of a risk because it can lead to miscarriage, but at this late stage, the risk is much less because the baby is much more likely to survive if you go into early labor. Basically, contractions at this stage are OK because we are more or less ready to deliver the baby anyway.

If the amnio shows healthy, fully-mature lungs, then we are ready for the induction. If my cervix is not yet dilated, I will be admitted to Labor and Delivery the same evening for Cervidil. This is a prostaglandin gel that they apply to the cervix to soften and thin it. Then they will start the Pitocin through an IV in the morning. Pitocin is an artificial version of oxytocin, the hormone that my body would make naturally during labor to cause contractions.

If I am already starting to dilate on my own, then we will just wait until the next morning, skip the Cervidil, and start with the Pitocin.

I am a little freaked out about the whole induction process. I’m reading that Cervidil can cause painful but non-progressive contractions. And Pitocin can cause contractions to be more painful, but ultimately not work well enough to progress the labor. I have heard horror stories of inductions that last three agonizing and exhausting days and then result in c-sections anyway. It seems that sometimes induction works and sometimes it doesn’t. I expressed my concerns to my doctor who told me that these scenarios are all possible, but that there is no way to know if induction will work until we try it.

He is strongly in favor of induction over a straight c-section given that Baby NoName and I don’t have any of the standard diabetic complications. It is hard for me to believe, but my eyes, my kidneys, my blood pressure, baby’s heart, baby’s weight, and baby’s spine are all perfect. I guess all of those late-night BG checks and the never-ending appointments are finally paying off.

So I made a deal with him. We will try induction for one day (24 hours if we have to use the Cervidil the night before.) If I am not progressing and am not at least semi-comfortable, we will move forward with the c-section rather than waiting another day or two as is his standard procedure.

In the end, I think it just comes down to me freaking out about the whole labor and delivery thing. No matter what route he takes to get out here, it is not going to be a walk in the park,. So ultimately, it doesn’t really matter which avenue he chooses as long as he is healthy.

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7 Comments on “Finally, an Update”

  1. Sweets Says:

    How exciting you will be meeting baby no name soon! I am sure you must be getting quite uncomfortable and grumpy now, as well as anxious to get it all over and done with. And it is so great that you guys have come so far with no diabetes complications – doesn’t it just make you feel good?! I will be waiting in anticipation for your birth story. All the best with the induction – got no advice or story to share in that respect unfortunately.

  2. Autumn Says:

    So far my baby and I are looking good. I’m at 35 weeks. (I think.) If my baby doesn’t come early then I’ll be induced at 39 weeks. I’ll be checking back here to see how your induction went. Good luck with delivery and enjoying your new baby boy!

    • nici Says:

      I’m so glad to hear that you are doing well, Autumn! We are both so close now … just a couple more weeks for you.

  3. Saffy Says:

    Oh wow, ONE MORE WEEK 😮 Oh My Gosh that has flown by – it only seems yesterday that you were at about 22 weeks. Soooooooooooooooooooo exciting! 🙂 My advice for this week? S.L.E.E.P!!!! And huge congrats on being in such good shape. Agreed, all that effort that you’ve plowed in has paid off. Looking forward to seeing some pics very, very soon. Gosh this is exciting!

  4. Jan Says:

    Glad things are going well. Thinking of you. (And would you please give that kid a name?!) 🙂

  5. Annie Says:

    Nici, ONE WEEK is so exciting!! I can’t wait to hear how it goes, and I’ll be wishing you all the very best. You’ve done such a terrific job managing everything! Thanks for all the info on induction, I never knew any of that! GOOD LUCK!!!! 🙂

  6. Kaitake Says:

    Sounds exciting! And terrifying! But I’m so pleased for you that it’s all going well and you’re healthy 😀 Best of luck, thanks for sharing, it’s really helpful 🙂

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