Happy Belated Diabetes Blog Week

So I totally dropped the ball on Diabetes Blog Week last week. I only managed to write two days all week, an all time low for me. Unfortunately, life just keeps getting in the way of my blogging.

Case in point: things at work are getting busy. I work as a Technical Writer for a software company. We have a new release coming out in a couple of weeks, and that means A LOT of work for the Technical Publications department. I spent all day Saturday at work – so not my idea of a nice weekend.

And the doctor appointments just keep coming. Between the non-stress tests, the physical therapy visits, and the “meet the pediatrician” appointments, I feel like I am spending more time in doctors’ offices than I spend in my own home. I’m pretty sure my High-Risk OB sees me more than my husband does.

I finally finished the spring semester of my Masters program at the end of April, but I quickly had to enroll for the summer course, too. It is the final course in my degree, and the professor has agreed to let me finish the course in the fall as an independent study project, but I still have to attend the first couple of classes. So that started up again last night.

The good news is that Baby NoName is doing great. I had an ultrasound last week, and he was weighing in at just over 4 pounds – right on target. I’m so proud of him! Last week, he “dropped” into my pelvis, so I can finally breathe a little bit again. He is definitely getting stronger and more active, too. He spends most of the day twisting and kicking and punching at my internal organs. Things must be getting tight in there. On the outside, my belly feels tight and stretched to the limit. Occasionally, I see a stray limb or rump poking out of my belly before he swims off to the other corner of his home. Oftentimes, I catch a glance of my belly bouncing all around as he continues his dancing and maneuvering.

My husband and I have now visited three pediatricians. We have one more to interview. We are nothing if not thorough! So far, I am leaning toward one who is affiliated with the Children’s Hospital in the “big city” nearby. They have a Pediatric Endo who services their office and would be available to answer my never-ending questions about things like diabetes triggers and formula and vitamin D drops. Plus she seemed like she had a nice mix of a friendly bedside manner and a down-to-earth, tell-it-like it is approach.

I’ve also contacted four daycare providers and I have one more on my list. Some work in their homes and some are large daycare centers. We won’t need anyone until I go back to work sometime in October, but I’ve heard that the “good ones” book up fast, so you have to reserve your spot in advance. I’m learning that interviewing daycare providers is a difficult task. It’s hard to even know what to ask them. I’ve found that the phone calls have allowed me to weed out a few, but I am nervous about the actual visits that will help me make an ultimate decision. For those of you with children in daycare, how did you decide on a provider? What questions am I forgetting to ask?

My husband keeps hounding me to pack my hospital bag, so I started a pile of things to pack: Test strips, insulin pump supplies, insulin, juice boxes, robe, bathroom essentials, etc. What am I forgetting? I’m sure we will get there and I will have forgotten something really obvious like my toothbrush. Is there one thing that you wished you had packed that you didn’t? Or something that you did pack that turned out to be indispensible?

Slowly but surely, we’re inching toward the finish line of this journey. I am full of emotions; I’m ready, anxious, excited, scared, tired, and energized all at the same time.

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7 Comments on “Happy Belated Diabetes Blog Week”

  1. Jacquie Says:

    Happy Diabetes Blog Week to you! Sounds like while we were all writing about our crazy diabetes lives, you were actually living it!

    Best of luck with everything!

  2. Lyrehca Says:

    Good luck this final stretch. My husband and I visited daycare places while I was still pregnant, and we got definite vibes from seeing the place itself. I also asked if a TV was on the premises or not, because I didn’t want my kid parked in front of a TV at any time. And for the hospital, you have a good basic list (maybe bring a syringe in case there’s a problem with your pump stuff and you need insulin quickly?). We didn’t bring one inititally, but my husband got a laptop and brought it the hospital while I was there recovering (c-section=longer hospital stay) and it was a lifeline being able to catch up and send email… though you may use a PDA these days. You can likely get a toothbrush and toothpaste and other toiletries from the nurses if you need them. Also, bring roomy (i.e., no prepregnancy jeans) clothes. You’ll still need them even after the baby is out.

  3. Maura Says:

    Glad to find your blog. About daycare. I would ask if they have an air conditioner? Also ask to see where the children sleep, how does the caretaker get them to sleep? Is this the same in the summer and in the winter? How much time do they spend outside? Do they go on field trips? (It’s okay if they don’t, it just adds to your information.) Will she update you on what’s going on with your child? Does she have email? What would you do if she was sick? Does she have a handbook? Does she do background checks on any of her employees? Who lives in the house? Who will be in the house during the hours that the daycare is open?

  4. Saffy Says:

    Nice work mama of Baby NN! 🙂 Sounds like it’s going great – crazy, but fabulous.

    Daycare’s a toughie. You know I haven’t gone back yet but we did the hunt too. We had government reports to read on each one because everywhere is screened, that helped. Also talking to other parents… plus good old ‘gut feel’.

    Hospital stay? Your own pillow.

  5. Lorraine Says:

    I like Jacquie’s comment. 🙂
    Good luck – it certainly does sound like you are being thorough!

  6. Mom Says:

    I am having a tough time thinking of “my baby” having a baby. However I am sooooo excited to meet baby No Name.

    Good suggestions on what to bring to the hospital.
    Especially the one on ‘roomy’ clothes after the arrival.

    Also, great suggestion on bringing a syringe. You would think it would not be difficult to get one at a hospital, but better safe than sorry. And I always take my own emergency snacks.

    Love you,


  7. Katie I. Says:

    I can’t offer anything about the daycare search, but for your go-bag, definitely don’t forget bedroom slippers and/or flipflops! I wore Adidas flip-flops all around the hospital with my bathrobe. My baby was in the NICU for a couple of days b/c her bg was a little low when she arrived, and– you know how it is, having had T1 for so long– you will NOT walk anywhere without shoes, even if you’re in your pajamas!! Plus, in case the shower in your room seems icky, you will want to have the option of showering with flipflops. Just my $0.02.
    Good luck!!!! You are in the home stretch! 🙂

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