Review: Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby

If you’ve been paying attention to the DOC for the last couple of years, you are probably familiar with this book’s author, Cheryl Alkon. You might know her better by her moniker: Lyrehca, or by her blog: Managing the Sweetness Within, where she chronicled her journey through infertility and a successful pregnancy all against the backdrop of pre-existing type 1 diabetes.

I have been anxiously awaiting my copy of this book for months now. In fact, I first placed my order with Amazon in February when I was a mere 21 weeks pregnant. For some reason, Amazon kept delaying my shipment, so it wasn’t until last Friday that it arrived on my doorstep. Finally!

Cheryl noted recently that you can avoid the delivery delay by ordering straight from her. She uses Paypal, and, as an added bonus, she will autograph the book, and you’ll be putting more of your valuable dollars into her pocket, instead of the pockets of the distributors and publishers. If only I’d known!

Now that I am EIGHT MONTHS pregnant, I was worried that the book would not be a very good resource for me, but I was SO wrong. I decided to start into the book from the end instead of from the beginning. I figured that this tactic would allow me to skip to the parts that deal with the later stages of pregnancy.

Right off the bat, I found valuable information. For example, lately I’ve been stressing about breast-feeding. What if it doesn’t work? How will I handle the frequent feedings? And the low blood sugars? What if I have to resort to formula? I was freaked out about the potential connection between formula in the early months and Type 1 diabetes.

Thankfully, Cheryl devotes nearly ten pages to the topics of breast-feeding and formula feeding and her writing style and content put me at ease right away. A mix of scientific evidence, quotations from doctors, and first-hand accounts from REAL diabetic moms, the book helped me realize that there are lots of ways to “skin a cat,” as they say, and provided me with the information and knowledge I need to make informed choices.

In the case of breast-feeding, I am still nervous, but feeling much more confident because I now understand the  potential connection between formula and type 1 diabetes, and am armed with the information necessary to make the best choices for my baby. Whew! What a relief!

I was also really impressed with the sections that deal with delivery and the postpartum period. There are first-hand accounts of birth stories ranging from the very natural to the emergency c-section, and everything in between. Cheryl also tackles topics like sleep deprivation, birth control, infertility, and loss, and how the big D plays a part in all of it.

I was also surprised to find that the earlier sections of the book were also useful for me. For example, it was nice to get a refresher on advocating for my health and my baby’s well-being in the medical community as I am preparing to hand over some of my control to doctors and nurses at the hospital. And as I read the section on morning sickness and low blood sugar, it was nice to be able to relate to the stories. Finally, I felt like I was not the only one who struggled with these issues.

The book was an easy but informative read — kind of like a cross between a conversation with a good friend and an appointment with a doctor who just happens to have diabetes. I’m so glad that Cheryl took on this project. I would recommend the book to anyone with diabetes who is considering pregnancy now, or in the future, and even for those who are already pregnant.

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2 Comments on “Review: Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-Existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby”

  1. Lyrehca Says:

    Thanks, Nici! I will autograph your book anytime I can!

  2. Sweets Says:

    I am so so sorry I did not get to read this book before I had my boy – I am sure it would have helped heaps! Will probably still make a plan to buy it, but as I live in South AFrica I need to see when it will be available here… You never know if I may need it again!

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