Another day, another appointment

I had another non-stress test today. They were busy this morning – all of the reclining chairs were full of moms-to-be, bellies bared, and the wub-wub-wub sound of baby heartbeats was bouncing off of the walls.

While the nurse was hooking me up to the monitor, a lady who is 33 weeks pregnant with twins was sent over to the hospital because she was having pre-term contractions.

This made me a little nervous, so I kept peeking at my print out to see if the contraction monitor was catching anything. The line was flatter than flat. Then I started to worry that there were not any contractions at all, not even the little “practice” ones … sometimes my mind gets the best of me.

Baby NoName is still hanging out in the top of my uterus – way up above my belly button and just below my chest (That explains the constant assault on my ribs.) He really likes my right side, for some reason, too. Even when I lay on my left side, he manages to stay up there, as if he’s hanging from a tree or something.

The nurse keeps saying things like, “this baby is only 31 weeks” and I keep thinking ONLY 31 weeks?! This has been the longest 31 weeks of my life! What she means, of course, is that Baby NoName’s heart rate does not fluctuate as widely as some of the other babies. This is OK, though, because he is so young.

Luckily for us, Baby NoName continues to pass his “tests” with flying colors. Sometimes he is a little sluggish, but who can blame him? This schedule is grueling, and seeing as his mom is barely able to hold her eyes open lately, he is probably feeling some sort of overflow fatigue from me. In the end, he always manages to come through with at least a couple of good kicks and then we are on our way.

After my physical therapy appointment tonight, I am appointment-free for a whole three days before the routine starts up all over again next week.

Onward and upward!

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One Comment on “Another day, another appointment”

  1. Saffy Says:

    That’s great hon!! What I’d love to see a post on is how you manage to fit this all in around work 🙂 What do you think Baby NN weighs now? 4lb ish? Ooooh it’s exciting!

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