More Pregnancy Stuff

Baby Shower at Work

Last Friday my co-workers threw me a baby shower.  A couple of the girls arranged it all. Something like 20 people showed up, and many more contributed to a card-and-money gift. That’s saying a lot when you consider that I work for a small company of maybe 80 or so employees. I had a really nice time, and was surprised and touched by the generosity. My colleagues pretty much cleaned out my baby registry, and the monetary gift was impressive. We were pressed for time because the event occurred over our lunch break, but everyone seemed to enjoy themselves. I know I had fun, and I hope the others did, too.

House Preparations

This week we are busily preparing our home for Baby NoName. You might remember that we moved in just about a year ago, and we have not done many of the improvements that we hoped to do. Now that our tax return has arrived safely in our bank account (thank you, First Time Homebuyer’s Tax Credit,) we can finally get a few things checked off of our list.

A couple of weeks ago, my husband painted the baby’s room. It was Good Friday. He was off of work and I was not. We also assembled the crib Easter weekend, so even though we don’t have a mattress for the crib yet, the room is starting to come together. We are still looking for a rocker/glider and a low, long dresser that can double as a changing table. Does anyone have any suggestions? We’ve been looking high and low, but have yet to find anything that fits our style and our budget.

The blinds for our windows arrived last week, and my husband has been busy hanging them. Thanks to the Energy Star appliance rebate program, our new kitchen appliances are being delivered this weekend. I have been eyeing a Samsung convection range for over a year now, and it will finally be mine! I can hardly wait.

Maternity Leave

I’m still haggling with my company about maternity leave time, but they did consent to an unpaid leave of absence after my FMLA runs out. This will give me an additional month at home, but will not guarantee that my job will still be there for me when I am ready to return.


The swelling is spreading now. I’ve had to give up on wearing my rings and I think my face looks fuller. At the end of the day, my feet and ankles are predictably lumpy and round. Even my calves and thighs are looking fairly plump. My weight is creeping up steadily, too, but I think it’s mostly water weight (I hope!) My fears of ballooning to the size of a semi-truck might soon be a reality!

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One Comment on “More Pregnancy Stuff”

  1. Saffy Says:

    THANK GOD for that extra month – but seriously, your job isn’t guaranteed? Sigh. The joys of modern life. Can I ask when you think you’ll be signing up for full time couch duty?

    LOL about looking like a semi truck. Dude, if you get hooked up to an IV in hospital you’ll be even bigger – hehe. Seriously though, at least it’ll fall off fast afterwards. AND I’m sure that you’re in pretty good health under all that fluid.

    Go the tax refund.

    Go the lovely co-workers. What are you going to buy with their monetary gift? Lots of frozen meals? 🙂

    Are you fairly tall? If you are, whatever you choose to buy as a change table needs to not leave you feeling crippled after bending over to it. We learned that one and got an extra tall one that better suited us.

    You are sooooooooooooooooo on the homeward stretch. Your excitement must be thru the roof 🙂

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