30 weeks: Childbirth Classes and More Non-Stress Tests

We spent the weekend in Childbirth classes. Two loooong days of PowerPoint slides and breathing exercises. I am officially scared out of my mind about labor. The pain, the uncertainty, the exhaustion, and then when it’s all said and done, you have to be healthy enough to care for a newborn. And I’m not too impressed with the hospital where I will be delivering, either. I didn’t exactly expect a Ritz Carlton or anything, but a postpartum room with an attached shower would be nice. Maybe I am just spoiled, but I thought my days of shared showers went away when I graduated from college. Heck, even most dorm rooms have fully equipped en suite bathrooms these days!

I’m starting to spend more time at the hospital in the big city than I am in my own home. Between the classes, the non-stress tests, and the doctor appointments, I am there several hours every week. The parking attendant in my go-to garage recognizes me now. As I wander the halls from appointment to appointment, I’m starting to recognize the staff. I’m even starting to get the hang of navigating the crazy hallways and the four different sets of elevators.

This morning I had physical therapy, which helped a ton. My husband had to help me up at one point last night. I was in tears over the whole pain-in-the-rear/pelvis thing. In physical therapy this morning when the therapist snapped those two bones back into place, I immediately started to feel some relief. I hope I can make it until my next appointment on Saturday. I asked about coming in more often, but my insurance only covers 20 visits. So I’ll try to stick it out until Saturday. The therapist did give me some good exercises and seating positions to try to keep everything aligned and strong. We’ll see what happens.

After physical therapy, I drove across town to the hospital where I had a non-stress test and a visit with my high-risk OB. My doctor mentioned that I looked tired. I thought to myself that I am doing pretty well if tired is the best adjective to explain my appearance. I am utterly exhausted. I’m swollen. I’m sore. I’m on an emotional roller coaster. He’s lucky I didn’t burst into tears of frustration and fatigue right then and there.

He says everything looks great … except after he measured my belly, he said with a grin that I am measuring a bit big. Great. I was too distressed to even ask if I should be concerned. I have another ultrasound in two weeks, so I guess we’ll get the scoop then.

In between the physical therapy and the non-stress test, I made a mad dash into a grocery store to to pick up a BG meter. I managed to leave mine on my nightstand this morning. Luckily, they were offering Freestyle Lite starter packs for FREE. It included ten strips and a handful of lancets. It was the highlight of my day.

Tonight it is back to the hospital in the big city for Childcare classes.  We’ll learn how to change diapers, how to feed, and how to bathe Baby NoName, but we’ll also learn tips like when to call the doctor, and what to expect month-by-month. Seeing as neither of us has much experience actually caring for a baby full-time, we’re pretty nervous about it all. Everyone tells you that you just have to figure it out as you go, and we’re trying to keep that in mind, but hopefully the class will give us a little confidence until we sort it all out.

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4 Comments on “30 weeks: Childbirth Classes and More Non-Stress Tests”

  1. Saffy Says:

    It’s true, you do just figure it out as you go. We barely remembered the classes before – thankfully D had a couple of weeks in special care so we learned lots from the nurses in there – down to how to make her bed properly.

    And I get you about the hospital rooms – much the same here. Even after a GA and c-section at first they put me in a room where I shared a bathroom with 3 other women (furthest away from the facilities, the only c-section, nice.). I just cried and cried (but possibly that was also the steroid come down).

    Sorry that the pain is so bad and rationing those physio visits must be a fine balance. I can’t believe you’re 30 weeks now. Crikey. Time is whizzing by. Before you know it you’re going to have a precious little NoName bundle in your arms 🙂

  2. kimmy8989 Says:

    My mom didn’t allow me to enroll on childbirth classes because she wanted me to learn on my own and i said WTH how am i supposed to change diapers, bathe my baby, etc? ahaha Anyways, Congratulations and be safe always.

  3. Mom Says:

    All new parents are scared to death about the pending arrival. I was scared to death of a C-section. As far as the room situation, you were delivered at UH on a floor of high risk mom’s. The showers were down the hall. As far as I was concerned they were in a different time zone. It was a long walk!

    No matter the vehicle used to determine baby no name’s trip into this world, there are a lot of caring, experienced folks to help you adjust,heal and learn.

    Glad to hear the therapy gives you some relief.

  4. Annie Says:

    Sorry things seem so tough right now, but it sounds like you’re doing great! I can’t imagine all the emotions you must be feeling (not to mention the physical pain). Keep taking care of yourself! You’ve already done so much to take care of the baby before it’s even here, I’m sure you and your husband will be terrific parents, classes or not.

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