PT for my Pain in the Rear

Saturday I went to the local Physical Therapy practice to see if they could help me with my Pain in the Rear. I’d never been to a physical therapist, so I did not know what to expect and was even  a little nervous.

The visit was pleasant, though, and I felt like the physical therapist actually wanted to help me. She commented that the pregnant population is greatly underserved by physical therapists and the she thought a lot of us could get through pregnancy more comfortably if we were referred to people like her.  If my first experience is any indication, I think she is right.

First she explained that during pregnancy the ligaments that surround the pelvis loosen to allow the bones to expand for the growing baby and for birth. Unfortunately, when this happens, the three bones in the pelvis no longer have the same support that they once did and they start to move around. In an attempt to stabilize the pelvis, the muscles in the region tighten up. This tightening can cause muscle spasms which are painful on their own, but can also cause the inflamed muscle to put pressure on the sciatic nerve, which leads to the sharp pain in the lower back and the pain that radiates down the thighs.

She started by asking me to bend this way and that: forwards, backwards, side to side. Then she checked out the alignment of my hips, which she said were severely misaligned. She pressed on the tops of my hip bones, which were pretty sensitive, and then she grasped my ankles and pulled on my legs. The pulling seemed to help a decent amount with the pain, although the relief was short-lived.

Next she had me lay on my side and she massaged my hip muscles. She commented that they were definitely in spasm at the moment, and I thought to myself that they have probably been in spasm for the last four weeks. She said she would just do a little bit of massage because the muscles were just too tight at this point for a full massage to work. The massage was extremely painful, but when she was finished, there was definite relief. Unfortunately, this relief was also short-lived.

Lastly, she showed me how to do some stretches that should strengthen my thigh, abdomen, and back muscles and stretch out my hip and back muscles. I’ve been doing them once a day, although she suggested that I do them twice a day. I need to find the time, because everything feels better for about 15-20 minutes after I do the stretches.

She said that she could not do a lot on Saturday because I was in such bad shape, but with the starting massage and the exercises, I should see some improvement, and once the hip muscles loosen up a little, the massage will be more effective. I’m scheduled for bi-weekly appointments for the next couple of weeks, in which she will realign my hips and massage the muscles. We will reevaluate at that point. I don’t want to get too excited, but so far, this is looking promising.  I am so grateful to all of you who commented on my previous posts about my pain in the rear. I would not have thought of physical therapy if it weren’t for you – thanks a ton!

Tomorrow I am off to the “Fetal Evaluation Department” at the hospital where they will monitor the baby’s vitals for the first time.

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