Relatively Quiet

It’s been another relatively quiet week on the pregnancy front.

Except for the ongoing Pain in the Rear, that is. I had a traumatic experience with the orthopedic specialist who gave me steroid shots that, so far, only seem to have made things worse. I am still working the ice packs during the night, and hobbling around during the day. I am exhausted, sore, and cranky. On the upside, the BG spikes from the shots seem to have worked themselves out of my system. It took about three days before everything returned to normal. I have a follow-up appointment with the same doctor in about a week and a half and I am really dreading it. I am not sure whether to cancel and forget about the whole thing, to go to the appointment and ask him about other treatment options (perhaps physical therapy or prenatal massage as some of you have suggested), or to just go through the whole ordeal again. I’m thinking that I will not take the last option, though. This has just been an awful experience with no real benefits. I have an appointment with the high risk OB next week, so maybe I will ask him what he thinks.

Speaking of the high risk OB, I also need to ask him about this swelling. While it’s not been nearly as bad as it was last Friday and Saturday, it’s definitely there. Thankfully, the compression stockings are keeping most of the fluid squished out of my ankles. My weight is creeping up again here at the end of the week. I’m gaining something like a pound a day. Maybe it is some sort of pattern? On the plus side, I think I might have figured out the problem with the low readings from the blood pressure cuff I bought. I think I have been holding my wrist too high during the reading, even though that’s what the picture on the cuff indicates. When I lower my arm a bit, the reading seems much more accurate. I think I’ll ask the doctor about that next week, too.

Baby’s R Us was having a big one-day sale yesterday, so we bit the bullet and bought a crib and bedding. Now if we could just decide on one of the paint swatches that are littered all around the soon-to-be-nursery …

There are still a ton of things on our “to do” list, but our house is slowly filling up with baby gear. We still haven’t figured out where to put it all, so the stroller is hanging out in the dine-in section of the kitchen, and the pack and play is parked in our bedroom. The place is starting to look like baby central!

We have a list of prospective baby names that is a mile long, but we can’t make a decision. Do we want a distinguished name or a creative name? A modern name or a classic name? A unique spelling or a traditional spelling? What type of name will best suit the little guy? What type will carry him through from toddler-hood to adulthood? Which fits best with our last name? Who would’ve thought that picking a name would be so hard?

Baby No Name is still kicking up a storm in there. Yesterday morning on the way to work, he managed to give me two swift kicks at the same time, one to the ribs and one to the lower gut. It temporarily knocked the wind out of me. Is he doing jumping jacks in there, or what? The other day I was reading a magazine and I had the edge resting on my belly. His kick sent the magazine bouncing into the air. Maybe we are growing a soccer player!

I’m still amazed every time I catch my reflection in a mirror or window. I swear my belly is bigger every time I look at it. And my rear end just keeps getting wider. I try to avoid looking at it. It’s just too traumatic.

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2 Comments on “Relatively Quiet”

  1. Saffy Says:

    Can you poke your finger into the swelling and leave a dimple? If you can I’d probably give them a call before next week, just to be safe 😉

    r.e. names. That’s a tricky one huh? I felt such a sense of responsibility to get it ‘right’. I was a teacher for a few years and I’d vowed that I wasn’t going to give any kid of mine a ‘trendy’ name with odd spelling, or just tricky spelling. You know the kind where your child will spend the rest of their life spelling their name for everyone? So we went with a classic but ‘different’ name from our family tree and chose the ever so safe Elizabeth as a middle name in case she grows up not liking her first name – and then her initials became DEE which we thought she could also use an alternate name. But yeah, a big decision 🙂

    Great that you got the crib. Pics please…

  2. Mom Says:

    Your dad chose your name, as you know.
    I chose the spelling to make you unique.
    Also,easy for you to learn and be able to
    write your name on your cubby at Friendly House.
    As far as I know, I haven’t seen a similar spelling.
    Although, Saffy makes a good point about the issue
    of constantly spelling your name to others.

    I feel your name fit you perfectly.

    When you were growing up I always thought Nici
    was a perfect name for you.

    You will com up with the ‘right’ choice. Trust
    your instincts.

    Sorry to hear your visit to the ortho doc was such a
    disaster. Hope you are getting some relief.

    I wouldn’t rule out other options!

    Sounds like the baby shopping is going well.
    I want to provide something. I have a few ideas,
    but would like to get at least one of the big
    ticket items. Let’s discuss.

    Love you,


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