More Pain in the Rear

I went to the orthopedic specialist yesterday to see about my pain in the rear. Surprisingly, the pain had subsided a fair amount since the last time I reported. In fact, I have managed to avoid sleeping in a chair for the last three or four nights, which makes for a much better night and much more rested Nici. I decided to keep my appointment anyway in case the pain gets worse again. At least I would have an “in” with the only guy in town who would care for a pregnant woman with a pain in the rear.

I arrived for my appointment early, even though the office is all the way across town. The nurse took me right back to a room, but I waited for the doctor for what felt like an eternity. After sitting on that hard exam table for so long, my rear was starting to complain again.

But that was nothing compared to what he was about to subject me to. He twisted my legs this way and that. He asked me to bend backward and forward at the waist. He made a lame joke about his weird-looking reflex hammer being for a rectal exam. SO NOT AMUSED. And then he got crazy. He jabbed his thumbs into my butt cheeks so hard that I thought I might die. OMG. The pain was immediate and intense. “That must be where the problem is,” he says. No shit. For good measure he did it another couple of times all over my butt cheeks. Holy crap. I wondered if it would ever end.

In the end, he suggested the steroid shots and I gladly took them. Just before he injected the steroids, he poked around on my cheeks again. It felt a bit like he was shoving a hot fireplace poker into my flesh.  “Is that the spot?,” he’d ask with each jab. How could I tell, every poke was pure agony?!

Through the pain, I only managed to remember bits and pieces of his explanation of the condition, but it was something like this: The muscles in my rear are tight (maybe he said inflamed?) and they are probably pressing on my sciatic nerve which is causing the pain in my hips and thighs. The steroids would actually make the pain worse for two days and then it should get better as the inflammation subsides. My BGs would spike about 12 hours after the shots and the highs will last for about two days. I have to go back in two weeks and he might do more shots then, depending on my condition.

He was right about the pain getting worse. Three hours after I had the shots, the pain went from manageable to OMG-I-Can-Hardly-Think-Straight. By evening I was a wreck. The doctor said to avoid heat for one day, but that I could use ice for a measly 15 minutes every three hours. I ended up using ice all night long. It was the only thing that could give me enough relief to fall at least partially asleep.

My BGs rose steadily all evening until they reached a high of 193 around midnight that would not budge, even with a generous correction. Per my Endo’s advice, I doubled all of my insulin rates, but even that was not enough. I rang in at 194 at 2AM and at 199 at 4AM. By morning, I had it down to 174, but that was the best I could do, so I changed my basals to 250% and increased my correction rate, too. Breakfast, with a double bolus rate, was a disaster, resulting in a 211 at one hour postprandial and a 243 two hours postprandial. I am going to try a 250%  increase in my bolus for lunch, but I am also really restricting the carbs. Lunch has about 15 grams, or one exchange. We’ll see how that goes.

So I’ve got another day of this pain and suffering to deal with and then I should have relief. I’m starting to wonder if it will be worth it.

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One Comment on “More Pain in the Rear”

  1. meghan Says:

    hi, i followed a link from diabetes daily to your site. when i was pregnant with my son, i had a similar pain, felt like sciatica. it was actually a very common “side effect” during pregnancy, called piriformus syndrome. luckily for me, i work at a physical therapy clinic that specializes in women’s health and they were able to teach me stretches to help. i also found that sitting on an ice pack helped enormously. just wanted to throw that out to you as an option. you may want to ask your ob about a physical therapist who specializes in women’s health, or check with your insurance company to see if there is anyone in your area. hope you feel better soon.

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