Pain in the Rear, Part 2

You might remember the pain in the rear I described a month or two back. It turns out that it mostly resolved itself with a little exercise and with a shift to sleeping on my side. It still comes and goes, but it is mostly manageable.

Now I have a new pain in the rear. And this one is intense. Instead of the sharp, shooting pain on the one side, I have an excruciating hip pain that radiates throughout my whole pelvis and even down into my thighs. The pain is not superficial — it’s deep inside my hips and rear.

The pain is continuous, and it gets worse if I sit or stand or lay in any one position for more than about an hour. And it’s worse at night. I’ve barely slept for nearly a week now. I’ve tried everything from pillows between my legs to sleeping in a chair. When I find a bearable position, the relief only lasts an hour or two.

In a desperate attempt to alleviate some of the pain, I bought a pregnancy support  brace. It is helping the minor lower back pain I’ve had, but it does not touch this hip pain. Neither does Tylenol.

The book says that the pain is likely a result of the hormone relaxin, which is relaxing the ligaments in my hips to prepare them for childbirth. Oh joy.

Luckily, I had an appointment with the high risk OB yesterday morning, so I asked (OK, begged) for some relief. He referred me to an orthopedic specialist who, unfortunately, is ON VACATION until next Monday. Apparently he is the only orthopedic specialist in the whole area who will take pregnant patients. So I have to wait.

The OB says the orthopedic specialist will probably give me cortisone (steroid) shots. Those should just do wonders for my BGs!

So I am in waiting mode now. I’m sitting on a heating pad as I type this. Does anybody have any ideas for alleviating this pain at least until Monday? What about experience with steroid shots? What did they do to your BGs? How long does the relief last? Do they hurt?

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3 Comments on “Pain in the Rear, Part 2”

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  2. Lyrehca Says:

    I had a cortisone shot in my wrist (both, actually) postpartum, due to wrist issues that developed after picking up my kid so much. It kept me in the 400s for the afternoon, so definitely try to be proactive if you do end up getting them.

    What about prenatal massage? Is there someone in your area who does that? I had a few (not enough, actually) when I was pregnant and they were awesome.

  3. Katie I. Says:

    It sounds like sciatica to me, which is common in pregnancy (depending on your body type, I think). Man, that sucks. I would google sciatica treatments (or something like that) for some treatment ideas, rather than resulting to cortisone/steroids!
    I’m saying prayers for you!!

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