6 Month Endo Appointment

I met with my Endo this morning for our monthly ritual. The appointment was pleasantly short.

When the nurse took me to the scale, and I took off my coat, she exclaimed, “Wow, look at you!” I guess my belly actually appears as big as it feels to me. Some mornings when I wake up and look it the mirror, I can’t believe how big it is. It’s like it grows overnight!

My A1C is holding steady at 5.2. Absolutely amazing. I told the doctor that I’ve noticed some highs in the morning. I wake up at a good number, but by the time I am ready for breakfast an hour later, I have crept into the 160s, even though I haven’t eaten anything. We amped up my morning basal rate. Hopefully that will do the trick. I am averaging about 45 units per day now, up from about 35 units a day pre-pregnancy.

Interestingly, the doctor volunteered the information that my baby has a 2% risk of developing Type 1 diabetes and that the risk would be 7% if my husband had the disease, too. I did not ask him for this information, so I am left to wonder … is he reading my mind … or my blog?

I am skeptical of his numbers given what I read on the ADA’s site, but I sure hope that he is right! I asked if these chances were accurate even though my mom also has Type 1, and he just shrugged his shoulders. We agreed that we will just hope that the baby gets my husband’s autoimmune genes instead of mine.

My blood pressure and my feet are in good shape. I still have the same on-again  off-again swelling in my ankles, but it is pretty minor. I left a urine sample for the microalbumin (protein) test. I am thankful that I was able to at least temporarily dodge the 24 hour test (those are such a pain!)

On the way out, I thanked the office assistant for her diligence with my insurance company. I am now averaging 16 BG tests per day and my fingertips are starting to resemble ground meat. My hard-earned prior authorization for 10 strips per day just wasn’t cutting it anymore, so we had to submit another one. The office assistant spent two hours on the phone with the mail order pharmacy getting it all straightened out and approved. I am so grateful for her help!

A friend at work just became a proud papa for the second time. Their daughter came in a hurry after just 30 weeks of gestation, and will spend five or six weeks in the hospital. So far, mom and baby are doing great. Dad and big sister are frazzled, but hanging in there. This weekend I will be busy preparing casseroles for the family. Hopefully the meals will prove useful as they try to find a way to balance their time between home, hospital, and work.

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One Comment on “6 Month Endo Appointment”

  1. saffy Says:

    5.2. Wow. You are a legend 🙂 I bet that you’re your endo’s ‘best’ preggie patient on that kind of number. Nice work mama 🙂

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