The Rundown: Baby Gear, Blood Sugars, and Dexcom

I have lots of different things to share today, but no good way to bring them all together. So here they are, in no particular order.

We purchased our first piece of baby gear: a travel system (AKA stroller, car seat, and carrier all in one.) Walmart was having a “Baby Days” sale over the weekend, and we found a travel system on their Website that was a pretty good price and that gets decent reviews. It’s the Evenflo Aura in “Georgia Stripe”. We like that the carrier is lighter than some of the others, and that the carrier handle is easier to grip. Also, the brown color should be good for hiding the “baby dirt” that we expect to accumulate. We were not particularly impressed with the maneuverability of the Evenflow strollers, but for the price, we were willing to compromise on that. Speak up if you know anything about this thing. Walmart has a 90 day return policy, so we can return it if we find out it’s a death trap or something.

So far our baby stash includes the travel system, two picture books, a baby monitor, and two bibs. Sounds like we better get shopping!

My belly is getting bigger. There is no denying that I’m pregnant now. And I have become an even bigger clutz, running into chairs, doorways, countertops, and doorknobs with my protruding midsection.

My appetite is at an all-time high. This is a far cry from the first four months or so when I had to force myself to eat most of the time. Yesterday we had a catered, Italian-themed lunch at work. Normally I would skip the pasta and just have a big bowl of salad. Yesterday I also had garlic bread and fettucine alfredo — two servings! I think it’s been years since I last ate garlic bread and I normally avoid fettucine alfredo for the obvious reasons. Luckily, my new, reved-up insulin-to-carb ratio took care of the carbs, so I did not suffer from the dreaded high BG spike two hours later.

Speaking of blood sugars, they seem to have leveled out a bit this week, which is a welcome relief after the roller coaster last week. I’m still treating one or two lows per day, on average, but they are mostly less severe than the previous ones. I still get the occasional high in the upper 100’s or low 200’s, usually because I miscalculated a bolus or over-treated a low, but I am aggressively treating those with insulin.

I re-started my trial Dexcom sensor on Tuesday morning and it’s still doing its thing. I think this might be part of why my blood sugar roller coaster is less extreme this week. The adhesive is starting to curl up around the edges, but the sensor is still holding on pretty firmly. Last night the device finally woke me up with a false alarm. It thought I was low, but I was actually 119. I was tempted to just eat 5 Dots and fall back asleep, but I’m really glad that I decided to actually test instead. This is the first time the device has done that.

A rep from Dexcom called yesterday to see if I wanted to move forward with a purchase. It turns out that I qualify for the device because of my pregnancy and hypoglycemia unawareness. My coverage is really good, too (90/10 for both the device and the sensors,) but I also have to pay my $200 deductible. So I am looking at about $300 for the start-up package and then $27 per month for the sensors. I realize this is much less than some of you pay, but it is still a big chunk out of my pocketbook right now. I am back on the fence. I told the rep that I would make a decision within the month.

This afternoon I am off to the Ophthalmologist to get my retinas checked out. The last time I went, everything was great and they told me that I could actually wait two years until my next exam, but that all changed when I became pregnant. Now we have to check them out again to make sure the pregnancy hasn’t caused any damage. This appointment always makes me nervous even though I’ve never had any eye problems. Still, after 27 years of this, it just feels like my eyes are a time bomb waiting to explode. according to the American Diabetes Association’s Eye Complications Web page, “Almost everyone with type 1 diabetes will eventually have nonproliferative retinopathy.” I wish I knew how much time was left on that timer!

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One Comment on “The Rundown: Baby Gear, Blood Sugars, and Dexcom”

  1. saffy Says:

    You’ve been really restrained on the shopping front. Are you eyeing up cribs too?

    Ah yes, the trip for the eye check. I actually had some damage and the perfect pregnancy sugars reversed it all. Brilliant. I still dread those trips though just because it’s always the great unknown. In your case though, it sounds as though your sugars are so fantastic that I hope it goes smoothly 🙂

    I’m wearing a sensor at the moment too. I don’t think I could imagine wearing one all the time, but a useful tool for getting basals just right that I’d like to use perhaps 3-4 times/year.

    Happy shopping!!

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