His heart is in the right place

This morning I drove to the children’s hospital in a nearby city to have a fetal echocardiogram. The children’s hospital is just around the corner from the hospital where I see my high-risk OB, so you would think that I would have no problem navigating my way around the area, but as usual, I got lost. It took me an extra 15 minutes to get out of the city and onto the highway. I somehow managed to drive all the way around the hospital twice before I found an (unmarked) road that led to the highway. If you’ve read my previous posts about driving in this city, you’ll remember that this is a reoccurring theme for me.

On the plus side, I managed to arrive on time, despite a struggle with the ticket machine in the parking garage and an overturned semi on the highway. Also, on the way out, the parking attendant was walking away from his little hut and waved me on out without paying the fee. Yay for small victories.

The fetal echocardiogram is a specialized ultrasound where a pediatric cardiologist examines the heart to look for abnormalities including congenital heart disease and arrhythmias. The cardiologist also told me that high blood sugars often lead to thickening of the heart walls on the left side, so this is one thing that they are particularly looking for.

The nurse was astounded that I have been having lows in the 20’s and 30’s. I showed her the Dexcom I am trialing, and she was pretty impressed. She’d never seen one before. The doctor nearly fell out of his chair when I told him that I’ve had diabetes for 27 years. I don’t think they get many Type 1s in there.

Thankfully, baby boy came through with flying colors. The doctor said his heart is “perfect.” The doctor also took a ton of pictures of the heart, including some with lots of colors on them (mostly red and blue.) I think these are to check for blood pumping through the veins, arteries, and chambers, but honestly, I am not sure and I did not ask. After he told me that everything was fine, I finally started to breath again and just lay back and enjoyed the views of my little one bouncing around in there.

Afterward, I scheduled a follow-up appointment for 10 weeks from today. The doctor will take another look then and will want to check things out again when the baby is born. Seems kind of like overkill, but I guess it is better to err on the side of caution. Besides, who knows how the blood sugar fairies will treat me and baby boy over the course of the next couple of months?

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2 Comments on “His heart is in the right place”

  1. Lyrehca Says:

    Hooray for the heart!

  2. Excellent, thanks for being a great example of life with diabetes. I’m rooting for your son to be every bit as fun as my 7 year old has been to date.

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