Highs are Kicking my Butt

Wednesday night was a long, sleepless night. It started out innocently enough, with a typical low blood sugar around 8:00pm. I treated, then ate a carb-free dinner and went to bed. That’s when the “fun” began.

By 11:00 pm I was at 184. I bolused in a generous correction and went back to sleep.

At 1:30, I struggled out of a deep sleep because I had to pee. Bad. And then I felt it — the dry, cottony mouth, the throbbing headache, and the general sense of sluggishness. My sugar was 271. Angry, I quickly bolused the 3.5 units my pump suggested, made a quick trip to the bathroom and fell back into bed.

By 4:00 am I had to pee again. And the number was even worse: 304. Holy crap. This time I ignored the pump’s suggestion and instead dialed in 5 units. For good measure, I set a temp basal for 150%.

I tossed and turned until 6:00 when it was time to get up for work. Again, I needed to pee, and I felt even worse. The meter did not mince words; 281 blinked back at me in big, bold, black letters. A quick trip to the bathroom gave me even more cause for concern: Dark purple “extra-large” ketones. Well, at least I knew why I felt so bad.

I pulled out my trusty supply of syringes and injected a whopping 10 units. Then I changed my site (thankfully, it was time to change it anyway,) adjusted my temp basal rate to 200%, and forced down a big glass of water.

Getting ready for work was pure torture. I’m not sure I’ve ever actually spilled that many ketones before. Boy, does it take a lot out of you. I was exhausted, sweating, and nauseated. Every movement made me ache.

By 8:00, I was down to 190, but still spilling those dark purple ketones. I called the doctor’s office on the way to work and left a message with the nurse.

The doctor called back with less concern than I had hoped for. He is pretty convinced that the problem was a faulty infusion site, but I am not so sure. This site had been a “good one”, and I was reluctant to pull it this morning. But he insisted that the insulin resistance that comes with pregnancy comes on gradually, not all at once. I mentioned that I had struggled with 160’s and low 200’s the night before, and he knows about my recent struggles to reign in the spikes, but he did not seem convinced. He did kick my overnight basal up by .1, but that may have been just to pacify me.

On Thursday, things were better, but not awesome. The ketones subsided around 10:00 am, but after a lunch that I over-bolused for, I jumped up to 292. I quickly bolused ANOTHER correction, and luckily the high dropped quickly, but I am still not anywhere near that magic 90 number.

I was still exhausted, cranky, and sluggish. My mouth was still dry and my head was still pounding. The good news is that Baby Boy was still kicking around in there, so I can only assume he was taking this all in stride. I sure hope I can figure this out soon, though. I don’t imagine he can take much more of this. And neither can I.

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One Comment on “Highs are Kicking my Butt”

  1. saffy Says:

    You poor thing!! 90 really is a *magic* number, isn’t it? I’m being cynical – surely a perfect pancreas decided on it! My endo was happy if I could stay between 90-117, and it was much easier for me to maintain a stable BG at the higher end of that range.

    I really hope things settle down for you and that your basals get sorted to get you back where you need to be. At least your little fella is giving you some good kicks to let you know he’s doing fine in there 🙂

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