SWF seeks Male with Good PPO

Have you heard about Terri Carlson and her search for a soul mate?

According to her Website, Terri is 45 years old, recently divorced, and running out of COBRA coverage. Oh, and she is looking for a mate.

She readily admits that she does not care if you are fat, bald, old, or gray. All she wants is a man with a solid healthcare plan.

You see, Terri has a chronic genetic condition, C-4 complement deficiency, which qualifies as a “pre-existing condition.” As a result, she has been denied healthcare coverage, at any cost, by every health insurance provider.

Here is her YouTube video

Like many of us with a dreaded pre-existing condition, she lies awake at night wondering how she will cover her medical costs. Even under COBRA, she is spending roughly $600/month for her healthcare.

Reading a story like Terri’s really puts everything in perspective for me. Sure, my health insurance costs rose by 47% this year, but at least I am still covered. Terri is staring straight into the eyes of the health care monster. I bet she doesn’t sleep a wink.

Here’s hoping that Terri finds the perfect plan … er … man … before her COBRA coverage expires.


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2 Comments on “SWF seeks Male with Good PPO”

  1. Patrick Says:

    sounds like you should apply for medicaid! in wisconsin its called badger care and also here the free clinic they also pay for medicatons and my co payment on medicare with medicaid is only $3.00 per hospital visit and liberty medical even waved the 3.00 co pay on medications.good luck hope the best for you Patrick

    • nici Says:

      Thanks for the tip, Patrick. Of course, this post is not about me, it is about Terri Carlson, and neither of us qualifies for Medicaid. Maybe some of my other readers can benefit from your suggestion, though.

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