Craving Du Jour

Something about my appetite is changing and it is happening fast. Just two days ago I was complaining about having to eat ALL DAY. And while the low-blood sugar demons are still forcing me to use 45% temp basal rates with regularity, and I am still slurping lots of juice boxes, a funny thing has happened all of the sudden. On occasion, I actually find myself hungry. And not just a little “oh, I could eat” hungry, but more like a stomach-gnawing, mouth-watering hungry.

This hunger comes on with sudden and ferocious power, like if I don’t eat RIGHT NOW, I might start gnawing on the table.

You might also remember me saying that I had not experienced a whole lot of cravings. Well that might be over, too. The cravings also come on quickly and with ferocity. And they are for things I would not normally even think of eating.

Yesterday the craving du jour was a hotdog. A hotdog! Not just any plain old hotdog, though, oh no. If I didn’t get an all beef hotdog, with ketchup, mustard and dill relish within a half hour, there was no telling what I would do. And if the hotdog was not on a squishy white bun I could not be held responsible for my actions. White bread! I don’t eat that!

Luckily, my husband has (again) been a great sport about all of this. We made a frantic evening run to the store for these very specific ingredients and he prepared the hotdogs for me. He sure is a trooper!

About a month ago a lady at work told me about her pregnancy-induced cravings for watermelon. They were so strong that her husband broke into the melon for her in the car so that she could devour it on the way home from the store. I thought this woman must have been crazy. Ah, but now I SO understand.

It is almost noon and even though I have already consumed two juice boxes, a half a bagel, and a pack of hostess powdered sugar donuts (damn vending machine!), I am looking forward to lunch.

If this keeps up, that lack of weight gain is not going to be a problem much longer!

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