Bump or Fluff?

I am now a few weeks into the second trimester and while not a whole lot has changed since the first trimester, I am noticing one decided difference: I am getting bigger.

I don’t know how noticable it is to onlookers, but my entire body is getting bigger, especially my belly. I have only actually gained about 5 pounds of weight, but it looks and feels like so much more.

I wouldn’t say that I look particularly pregnant, but my belly is definitely larger. My normal layer of “fluff” is still there, but it is pushed further out, which attracts more attention. I would not say that I look pregnant, though, just fat.

And that fluff is starting to get in the way, too. When I roll up to my desk in my office chair, my belly hits the edge of the desk before my hands hit the keyboard. When I reach for that glass on the top shelf, I can’t get close enough to the cabinet to quite grab it. When I reach for my shoes to tie them, the strings seems to be that much further away. And when I try to get up from a deep seated position, it takes a little longer. I find myself scooting to the edge of the seat first, and then using my arms to push myself up and out.

In the back of my mind, I am a little worried about the “all over” weight gain, even though I know it is necessary. But I don’t exactly have a good track record for losing weight. Typically I am able to maintain, but not able to lose.

I’m trying not to stress out about it too much, though. There is really not much that I can do to change the situation, and I know that my baby needs me to add a certain amount of additional fluff. So I am doing my best to let it go, marvel at the changes, and enjoy the journey.

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