So Lucky

Today I read Shannon’s post over at LADA-dee-da, and she mentioned that she and her husband are “taking additional steps in [their] quest for a child.” And I was reminded that so many families have so many problems getting pregnant in the first place.

When my husband and I started this journey, we were pretty sure that we would have similar problems. Let’s face it, my body is certainly less than perfect and given all of the other hormonal problems that I have, it would not be out of the question that my female parts would not cooperate with our desire to start a family.

You can imagine our surprise and joy when this turned out to not be the case. We had surprisingly little problem becoming pregnant, and for this we are so grateful.

And every time I scan through my favorite blogs, and I see a post like this one from Shannon or this one by Lyrehca, I am reminded just how lucky we are.

I spend a lot of time here examining my newest symptom. Sometimes it’s nausea, other times it’s fatigue, or low blood sugars, or my pesky thyroid. At one point it was even the threat of a tubal pregnancy. But I need to stop every now and then and just enjoy this experience. Because there are so many other families out there who haven’t even been lucky enough to make it to this phase in the journey. To experience the nausea, or the fatigue, or the low blood sugars.

So today I am just plain thankful. Thankful for the stretch marks and the ketones and the 2 AM snacks. Thankful for the headaches and the endless doctors appointments and the struggles to find maternity clothes.

We are so lucky.

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One Comment on “So Lucky”

  1. Shannon Says:

    I’m finally catching up on my blog reading and came across this post. Thank you for your kind words. I’m a little teary after reading them, but I’m so, so happy for you. Enjoy every minute!

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