What’s for dinner?

This question is the hardest one of the day. As a result of my recent morning sickness, which is thankfully finally starting to subside, nothing sounds good.  Couple that with my complete exhaustion, and the digestive distress that pregnancy has brought along with it, and dinner time has become one of the most difficult times of the day for me.

My husband is probably nodding in agreement right about now. Normally a pretty basic guy when it comes to dinner, he favors a no-fuss, simple-to-prepare and simple-to-eat menu. If it weren’t for me, I think he would live on bologna sandwiches (complete with squishy white bread, American cheese, and ketchup) and SpaghettiO’s. Most of his suggestions sound less than appealing at this point in time, but he has been a real trooper, continuing to suggest ideas that I continue to turn my nose up at.

Luckily, he has been more than helpful in the kitchen, pretty much taking over all of the food preparation and clean-up duties. This is no small feat for a man who prefers not to make meals that require more than one utensil to prepare. Have I mentioned how great he has been through all of this?

Additionally, I have had to nearly abandon most of my normal, diabetic-friendly foods. Fiber is a no-no for my newly sensitive digestive system, so I have had to cut out most of the whole grains and strictly limit my vegetable intake. So much for my vow to eat lots of veggies throughout my pregnancy. I am reduced to low fiber fruits as well (think grapes, not apples). Even a modest amount of fiber leaves my stomach feeling like it has a lead weight in it, while at the same time, resulting in bloating and smoother-than-preferred results on the other end. Luckily, my blood sugars are still running on the low side, so I have not had to rely on the fiber to offset my insulin resistance. Yet.

Acid is also an irritant thanks to my new heartburn and acid reflux issues. That limits my intake of tomatoes and all tomato-based sauces, and acidic juices and fruits like oranges and pineapple.  And I really miss my spicy foods. Bye-bye chicken wings, salsa, hot pickles, and Tabasco sauce.

Milk products and most proteins are also causing me grief in the nausea department, although I have had some success with Carnation instant breakfast mixed with skim milk.

So what’s a pregnant diabetic to do? I’m growing tired of boxed macaroni and cheese, white pasta (sometimes with a small amount of mild spaghetti sauce,) and white toast, English muffins and bagels. Besides, Baby is not exactly getting a well-balanced diet out of these selections. Thank goodness for prenatal vitamins, I guess.

Does anybody have any easy-to digest dinner ideas that are quick and easy to prepare? My husband would be oh-so-grateful for your advice.

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