The Endo is Growing on Me

Last week I had my second “pregnant” appointment with my Endo. If you are a regular reader, you will remember that we have had some … er .. communication issues in the past.

This visit went better than previous visits, though. I think maybe we are getting used to each other. We are, after all, seeing each other once a month now. Granted, he still does not respond when I send him my weekly BGs, and still complains when I send them a day or too late, but his pluses are starting to stack up and offset his minuses.

In particular, I was especially pleased with the way he handled the OB when I was admitted to the hospital for IV fluids. You see, I am still only seeing the “regular” OB, not the high risk one, because I am so early in this whole pregnancy journey. His office typically does not do much with type 1 diabetics and the hospital in our city does not even perform deliveries for  diabetics that are on insulin because they do not do IV insulin drips. So you can imagine their concern when I showed up in Labor and Delivery for a couple of liters of fluid.

The nurses were sort of out of their element with me in the beginning. I did my best to ease their worries, but they were simply not comfortable with my just-below-target-range BGs.

But then my OB called my Endo and he seemed to have all of the right words. Apparently the OB was concerned that my sugar might be too low. It was 72 at the time and I was testing hourly (!)

The Endo, now one of my favorite people, assured the OB that everything was fine and that I was doing very well. He instructed them to let me handle my diabetes and to contact him if there were any problems. Can you believe it?! And even more remarkably, the OB consented! This act earned my Endo my Hero of the Day award. If not for his kind words, the OB was considering transferring me to a neighboring hospital for the night where they would be “better equipped” to handle my diabetes. We diabetics know what that means: A total loss of control over our own care. What a relief that I would not have to deal with overbearing nurses, “diabetic diets,” and my own stealth blood-sugar tests in between the official ones that the hospital would perform.

Additionally, during this last appointment, I saw the lowest A1C I’ve ever seen. Are you ready for it? It was 5.3! Of course, this has a lot to do with the numbers I have been seeing in the 30’s and 40’s, but it also has to do with the 10-15 tests a day I’ve been doing and the almost complete lack of numbers in the 200’s. The 30 day average on my meter, computed from 360 total tests (12 per day,) is 112! Amazing. I guess maybe this guy knows what he’s doing.

The rest of the visit was also successful. Aside from a slap on the wrist for not testing for ketones while on vacation, he verified that my blood pressure was really good (104/70) and my feet still have plenty of feeling. He will check my Thyroid again next time. It is running a little low, but this is apparently normal in the first trimester.

All-in-all, the appointment was a relief. I spend a lot of time stressing over those couple of high numbers, and his reassurance has meant the world to me. He also reminded me that there is no evidence that BG spikes cause harm to the baby, only highs for extended periods of time. And I am also relieved to hear that the lows are only painful for me, not the baby. Apparently the baby takes whatever sugar it needs and leaves the rest for me.

With that appointment out of the way, I am now stressing about the 12 week appointment with the OB tomorrow.  If all goes well there, I might be able to relax (a little) for the holidays.

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