What’s Up, Doc?

I have been a little unhappy with Endocrinologist for a while now.

I just moved  to the area a little over a year ago, and  one of the first things I did was find a new Endo. My husband and I had been wanting to start a family, but were  waiting to get settled, so I was anxious to find a good doctor.

In the first appointment, he seemed quite knowledgeable, but made me a bit uncomfortable. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but it was sort of like an authoritative or egotistical vibe that he seemed to be giving me.

In one, rather shocking example, I mentioned that I was concerned about weight gain and increased insulin needs over the course of the last three or so years. I said that I thought this was probably insulin resistance (something that my last two Endos have agreed with). He said, it was probably that I was still making some insulin until the last three years. I pointed out that this would be quite amazing considering that I have had this disease for 27 years.

He also tried the shock-me-into-compliance attempt when telling me about what I needed to do to prepare for pregnancy. Of course, I knew that I had already accomplished most of the items on his checklist, but his tone made me anxious anyway.

Having relocated three times in ten years, I have gotten to know a lot of Endos. The ones that seem to be the best for me are the collaborative, supportive ones. I am hard enough on myself; I don’t need someone telling me that my feet are going to fall off if my blood sugar spikes occasionally. My irrational mind goes there on its own.

Anyway, he told me that I needed to send my BGs in every two weeks and that he would call with changes to my basal rates, etc. Then, when  I became pregnant, he would want me to send them in every week and I would need to visit him once a month.

The every two weeks BG faxing seemed a bit extreme considering that I was not even pregnant yet, and my A1C was 6.2, but I was willing to comply. I am always eager to get tweaks for my rates, it just makes life easier. So I started sending in my numbers.

The problem now is that he never responds. Often, I have to call in a week later to see if he even received the fax. And I never actually get to talk to him, just his office assistant, who simply reads off a list of changes he has noted in my file.

So how am I supposed to learn anything here? And often, due to the lag time between my fax and his response, the changes he suggests just don’t make any sense any more once I finally receive them.

Now that I am pregnant, this is really concerning me. I sent my first “confirmed pregnant” BGs on Monday. Here it is Thursday and still no response. I have been using temp basal rates all week to try to keep my numbers in range. I swear, my numbers are bouncing all over the place all day; I assume this is a result of first trimester hormones.

I’ve decided that I’ll give him one more chance. I have an appointment scheduled with him for Monday, and an appointment with my OB on Tuesday. If Monday’s appointment is just more of the same, I am going to ask the OB if he knows of someone who might be a better fit for me and for my baby.

Have any of you had similar experiences? Were you able to work it out with your Endo, or did you have to move on to someone else?

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One Comment on “What’s Up, Doc?”

  1. Dani Says:

    Hi! I know I am waaaay late on this post, but just found your blog from Kerrie at http://www.sixuntilme.com. Congrats on the baby boy! I am now going back through your history reading posts because I am 16 weeks pregnant, Type 1 Diabetic for 23 years (seems like a similar story to you!). Anyway, I completely understand the Egostitical Endo stuff! Wow…your comments above made me laugh (in disgust and, like, “really?”) and also reminds me of my new-ish Endo, which I won’t be back to after my pregnancy (luckily my high-risk docs are more than capable to handle both the disease and prenancy – so thankful for that!). So, yes, I can relate…I was made to feel like I never did anything right, that my whole life should’ve been exactly by the book (well, HIS book at least) and I should never waver or have a bad period of time or else, it would tragically make me go blind or lame. I saw him once after I knew I was pregnant, and I can still see his smug little face telling me that diabetic women have a much higher rate of miscarriage, so basically, don’t get my hopes up. He didn’t mention that I should be taking folic acid or that my numbers may be erratic in the 1st trimester, but just get the high’s down fast, etc. etc….nope, basically, to me, he was telling me that I was going to miscarry. After that, I say, “BUH-BYE!”

    So, yes, this is late compared to your post last year, but I had to write something and say that I completely get the Endo Ego-trip that happens. I have had such good Endo’s my whole life, that this guy doesn’t deserve any of my time or money! Like you said, I am hard enough on myself living with this disease for so long and the “what if’s”, I in NO WAY need some doctor to get an ego trip off of me.

    Again, congrats on the little boy! We are having a boy too. I cannot wait to have my baby in my arms!


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