Yay HCG!

And the number is … 120!

The quantitative HCG number in my bloodwork, that is. It turns out that my number more than doubled over the course of the last two days, so the nurse can no confirm that I am definitely pregnant!


It looks like I am 5 weeks along. The nurse was really not sure what to do with me, though. They are not a high-risk practice, although they do deliver diabetics regularly, and I was concerned that I should be doing something now because of my diabetes.

She checked with the doctor and they decided that there is really nothing special to be done. I should just wait until the standard 7-8 week exam. So I  made an appointment for that.

Unlike most of the other pregnant DOC bloggers I have been reading, we don’t seem to have a well structured program for pregnant diabetics in my area. Apparently, around here, they only send you off to one of those programs if you are experiencing problems of complications.

I also called my endocrinologist. I made an appointment for the first week in November. They will want me to send blood sugars weekly, and I will have to go in once monthly.

I have a ton of questions for my doctors, but they don’t seem all that anxious to see me. This is making me pretty nervous. I am concerned because my blood sugars are already starting to fluctuate. I am really struggling to keep them in that safe baby range (70 – 120), and have even seen a few low 200s. The other day, after a site change, I nearly had a heart attack when, in just an hours time, my sugar went from 200 to 318 in an hour. Like any sane diabetic, I punched in a “reasonable” range bolus on top of the already high level of on insulin on board. About an hour later, I was down to 192 … then 54 … then 41. Ugh.

What kind of distress is this causing for that rapidly expanding bundle of cells in my uterus?

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